Watch Video: "Breeding Betta Bees"

This video was produced by the Otago Museum as part of their "Bugs: the Mega World of Minibeasts" exhibition, running December 20, 2014 to May 10, 2015.  Pop in and have a look, it is well worth while. 

Breeding Programme

Betta Bees Research Limited runs New Zealand's leading Italian honeybee livestock improvement programme.  We operate a science based, closed population breeding programme using traditional and molecular selection techniques...   Read More>.

 Breeder Queen Sales

Betta Bees is New Zealand’s leading breeder of Italian honeybees.  We have available for sale quality Instrumentally Inseminated Italian Breeder Queens from our closed population breeding programme. Read More>.

 Varroa Sensitive Hygiene

Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) is a behaviour shown by some honeybees that uncap cells containing reproductive varroa mites and interrupt their breeding cycle.  Bees with VSH behaviour can require less treatment for varroa than normal. Read More>


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